There's a New iPhone SE Coming Soon

Apple will be releasing a new iPhone SE on 4/24/20. I would expect it to be compatible with Republic’s iPhone beta, however, it would be best to wait for actual release and confirmation of that from Republic. The Apple announcement is linked here:


Hi @rolandh!
Indeed we do not expect any issues, however we always have to get our hands on the new hardware to confirm that assumption through testing.

I am on the iPhone beta with the new SE a few weeks in. It is working great so far except for the current known constraints and limitations. No additional limitations from the SE I’ve encountered so far. I have two lines with two SEs. One line has a data point of failure texting MMS images to an Android phone (settings are verified and correct) around 1.5 MB size. Will need to test other numbers, image sizes, and from the other line. Receiving images fine, just can’t send them. All is working great with other iPhones.

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