Things android breaks on upgrade

Android 7 broke Greenify, System panel, and can’t get Tasker to work anymore. Using Tasker I had talking caller ID, missed caller ID, cycle blue tooth power to return missed call and time check without pulling phone from pocket.

Idle on battery is same or worse on 7 v 6. I am sick and tired of Linux crippling one thing after another using security excuse to cover their shortage of coding. Then the fan boys break out their pom poms. In past they broke cell antenna toggle, never fixed it. The su password is a weapon to cripple.

6.0 did have better idle time, and adoptive storage, which liberated uprooted devices, fixing the longstanding problem they created. Short of rooting, I would not wish to trade those.

But I would trade the split screen for Greenify and system panel, which offer real battery life gain. And don’t touch my Tasker on Android. It does not match the windows AutoHotkey, by far. But does give users on a Linux system a hint of the possibilities windows user have, but few discover.

Android claims security reasons programs are unable now to see other programs. There is some adb patch for Greenify that I haven’t tried yet. Reminds me of the excuse my kid gave me why no dish drying was done: towels can be used to choke or smother people and are unsafe to use.

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