Think I need to replace my Moto X, what should I get

I had a moto G that went bad so I replaced it with a Moto X off of I will probably get another phone from swappa but there aren’t many Moto X’s. I want to get something with similar or better coverage and and 32GB’s. I did have a moto g4 for a short while but I couldn’t get service in my area at the time. It looks like that issue may have been cleared up but I also want to be sure on that. Any recommendations? I’m looking for the best possible bang for the buck.

My recommendation would be the Moto G5+, if current phones
Ordered from Republic should get you same coverage as the Legacy phones [and if not a ticket should be able to help]

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I don’t see any G5’s on swappa but they do have some unlocked G4’s

My recommendation was base on Republic Current Phones (the Moto G5+ just came out in May so one may not see it on Swappa yet)

Republic Phones 3.0 phones are unlocked so you will not want to just search for Republic at Swappa (this is ture for the Moto G4 as well I found this one

and this one (with Amazon Ads)

youcan get the amazon one in 32GB (2 GB RAM) for under $200
Amazon Moto G5+

for phones that are compatible please uses Republic official check list

Also keep in mind that Republic BYOD are by default GSM (though compatible devices may be converted to CDMA and the Moto G4/G5+ are compatible with both CDMA and GSM )

only the following phones are GSM only,
Moto Z
Moto Z Play
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy J3
Alcatel A30
Huawei Ascend 5W
and currently the Moto E4 (though CDMA should be an option later this year)

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I have what I believe is a Moto G that I replaced with an iPhone after my stroke. I have not used the phone for about a year. Is anyone looking for a Moto G phone? I’d like to get something for it and would love to sell it. I got it in 2014.

Hello @donalds.lmo8ou,
It is against the rules to actively sell your phone on these boards but you can do so on many third party sites

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Message an
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