Thinking about getting a new phone, but there's a problem

Hey y’all!

So me and my brother both own Motorola e phones, and last week, my brother’s phone refused to turn on. We tried the “Hold the power and the volume down switch at the same time” option, but that didn’t work. So I was thinking that I can give my phone to him, and I’ll get a new phone. It’s a win win!

So are there certain steps to take when doing this? Like do we have to deactivate his republic wireless, or do I have to wipe my Moto E phone, or do I order my new phone first? We want to keep our phone numbers so I don’t suppose there are certain steps to take in order.




  1. Buy your phone and activate it as an upgrade/replacement. This will deactivate your Moto E. Activate My Phone

  2. Factory reset your Moto E and hand it to your brother. Factory Reset

  3. Your brother now activates your old Moto E as an upgrade/replacement for his phone. Activate My Phone

Notes: If you want Sprint as your network, your must buy the phone from Republic. Secondly, all new phones are placed on the 3.0 plans.

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

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