Thinking of a G6. but a question about how to go about it



I am thinking of upgrading to a G6 for my wife and myself. I have a way to get the unlocked version a bit cheaper locally than I would via RW directly and also save on shipping of course. If i did this, wouldn’t we just need to pull the SIM cards out and use them on the new unlocked phones after installing the RW app?

Am I correct in assuming this?


Per our BYOP tool, the G6 should work so long as it’s the following model number: XT1925-6

I’d double check with the source of your device to make sure that it’s the correct model number to be positive that it will work


Hi @bronzo,

As to the second half of your question, not all of our SIM cards are compatible with all of our phones. If you tell the Community what phones these SIM cards are coming from, we may be able to answer whether you can move them to the new phones.


our current phones are G4 plus.


You may determine if the SIMs in your G4 Pluses are GSM or CDMA as described by Republic here: Is My Republic Wireless SIM Card CDMA or GSM? – Republic Help. If they’re GSM, they should move to a compatible G6 sourced from a third party. If they’re CDMA, please let us know, so more detail might be provided.