Thinking of trying BYOP but not sure if this phone is compatible

Okay so my G4 has been steadily dying over the past year and I’ve decided to replace it before it completely craps out on me. I’ve spent several days looking at phones and comparing them to the list of compatible phones listed here. However, I’m looking at a Moto G7 Power and the one I’m looking at doesn’t list the XT number only this number: PAEB0006US so I have no idea if it’s compatible or not despite that super awesomely helpful list that I’ve been staring at for hours on end. Any ideas on if this phone will work or not? It’s $179 compared to the $249 RW is asking so I was thinking of going that way but don’t want to buy until I know it’ll work…

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Please look over this post:
How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

Moto G7 Power

The only Moto G7 Power that will work with Republic is the XT1955-5. Please note that the correct version of the phone does NOT come in 64GB. Anyone that you might see on Amazon or eBay that has 64GB was meant for sale only outside the US and will NOT work on Republic.

You’ll need to find out a little more info about the phone you’re looking at to know if it’s compatible with Republic. :thinking:

Post a link to the website advertising it. We can double check for you.

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If that is really the model, then it is compatible. That said, sellers often misrepresent the model. A link to the seller would be useful in determing.

@Majorninth @louisdi

Here’s the link:

That phone is indeed compatible with Republic.

Thanks! Just picked it up.

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