Third party SMS works...can't get the "Change messaging app" notification to go away



I’ve been shopping around for a new SMS messaging app for my Moto X Pure Edition. I currently use Textra as my SMS app, but was wanting to try PulseSMS. I’ve tested out Pulse, and it works just fine sending SMS and MMS, but I can’t get the notification RW sends about the messaging app not being compatible to go away. It’s not dismissable. It will remain in your notifications and will pop up at the most annoying times saying:

Change messaging app
Your messaging app does not work with Republic Wireless (it does work just fine). Please download Google’s Android Messages (no thank you) from the Play Store and set it as the default messaging app.

Is there no way to remove this annoying notification/alert that continually asserts itself into my workflows on my phone??


Hi @kaseyc.jlytgp,

Short of disabling all notifications for the Republic app, there is no way to disable the nag on your Moto X Pure. Like you, I’ve noted PulseSMS does seem to work, however, as it stands the nag is still triggered.

On another note, have you seen Republic’s new messaging app known as Republic Anywhere? More information for your consideration here:


Hi @rolandh, thanks for your response.

I just looked at Anywhere this morning actually (that’s what prompted me to start looking for new SMS solutions). I currently use AirDroid for sending texts from my desktop, but the app is really janky. I’d prefer a better, more polished option.

Anywhere looked promising, but it only works if you use Anywhere on your phone as well. I’d prefer to use a different, more feature heavy 3rd party SMS application on my phone, but still have the ability to send texts from my desktop for when I’m working. I really wanted to use Anywhere, but I guess I’ll have to wait until they can sync with 3rd party SMS applications.



Points taken, however, given the development effort already put into Anywhere, I’d expect there’s a better chance of its’ Android app becoming more feature rich over time than the Anywhere desktop app gaining compatibility with 3rd party messaging apps.

Officially, Republic supports Google’s Android Messages and now Republic Anywhere. Some 3rd party messaging apps do indeed work without triggering the nag. Among them are Chomp, Signal and Textra. Generally, apps that support Android’s system API should work. Pulse seems to meet that requirement yet still triggers the nag. :disappointed: Perhaps, @seanr might enlighten us on whether there’s another reason for Pulse triggering the nag?


It triggers the nag because it is not in our approved list of apps. We were more permissive in the past but it caused issues in support as people used problem apps and then flocked to tickets.


Understandable but a shame as Pulse like Chomp, Signal and Textra seems to meet the necessary requirements.

Anyway, Happy Cakeday!


Happy anniversary @seanr …did you get a T-shirt?.


You can use a regular texting app but it would be unaware of what your computer sent. We are a bit ahead of other texting app capabilities on that score. This kind of service can only be done by a carrier.

Keep in mind Airdroid just proxies your phone on your computer. Our Anywhere service does not need the phone at all. It can be dead, lost our even miles away and it will still work.


I love the concept of Anywhere. Where can I keep an eye out for updates and feature announcements? I will give it another shot, but based on my short analysis of it, the loss of features I would incur from switch from Textra isn’t worth it ATM.


What features would trump universal access? Most of the feature differences are cosmetic. Universal access is a material difference.


Perhaps, the Anywhere beta forum? Open to all who wish to join not just beta testers: Community Forums.


Will need to go here and join the group first; Community Forums


Universal Access is great, but it’s also offered by Mightytext (which also works from tablets), Airdroid, Pushbullet, Joan and I think maybe others. Personally, I’ve switched to Republic Anywhere on my PC, but for texting on my phone I prefer other apps. Assigning custom notifications sounds per contact is important to me. The legibility ie. text size, color, background etc customizability is also huge. If you don’t want to customize your phone you might as well have an Iphone. So if you want anywhere’s sms app to compete, it needs to be more polished. Until that happens I’ll probably continue using Textra or Mood. While the outgoing messages don’t show up wihen sent from my PC, it’s something I can live without for the reasons and others listed above. Once anywhere sms is a bit more mature I’ll switch over completely. I do like it very much though and had no idea republic was working on it. So kudos and keep going!


@Southpaw @mazzram just posted a Kudo’s !!


Just to be clear none of these apps do what we do. None of them connect to the carrier, they connect to the phone. No phone no text messages, at all. Leave the phone at home, run the battery out, lose it, break it and ours is only one that will work.

It’s like having your email only go through your phone, why should SMS/MMS be tethered.


That’s why we love you guy’s/girl’s.


Yes I understand. It actually saved me the other day when I wiped my phone, I was able to still receive a verification code even with the phone dead. So it’s great:) It’s much more reliable too because of that. So as I’ve said I’ve already switched. I’m just saying there were other maybe less reliable but functionally similar options out there. I can even use my google voice number to send texts, and I believe my comcast internet connection will let me text without phones. So I just hope the sms team continues to polish and add features to the app so I can fully switch. Keep up the great work is all I’m saying:) One more reason to stay with republic. I’ve tried to get my family to switch.


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