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My voicemail history no longer shows up. There are several third party voicemail apps available. I haven’t been able to find one that works with Republic Wireless phones except perhaps Google Voice (but that requires a fee). Does anyone know of any third party visual voicemail apps that work with Republic Wireless? Would they solve the missing voicemail problem?

Hi @samitg.do4lbu and welcome to the Community!

There are no third party visual voicemail apps I’m aware of that work with Republic voicemail. Apps that replace Republic’s voicemail such as Google Voice and Youmail are options. To the best of my knowledge Google Voice does not require a fee unless you’re considering transferring (porting) your Republic number to Google Voice. Doing so to use Google Voice as a replacement for Republic voicemail isn’t necessary. You could use Republic’s voicemail forwarding to send unanswered calls to Google Voice. Enabling Republic’s voicemail forwarding is described here:

The above said, have you tried the workarounds mentioned here:

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