This device and sim pair say they arent elible. I have been using this phone for five months

All of a sudden my phone stopped making text and calls. the rest of the phone is working perfectly

Which phone do you have and do you have Facebook installed? If you have Facebook try this:

Uninstall it.

Restart phone.

Reinstall it.

Thank you. I tried this and it still says my phone isnt supported on the Republic wireless network at this time

Hi @hannahh.dzmmef

As our friend @billg inquired, which particular phone are you asking about?.

Information is our friend here in the community.

Hi @hannahh.dzmmef,

I’ve seen the mismatched device SIM pair error on one of my own phones. For me, it occurred when moving a Republic 3.0 SIM from one phone to another.

A potential quick fix is to power down, restart then “VoIP” your phone. A video demonstration is here: How to VOIP Your Phone. If this doesn’t work, please raise a help ticket. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

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