This phone isn't supported on the RW network at this time

Just bought a Pixel 3A phone from a vendor & a new RW sim card. This phone is on the approved list.
Put new sim in and get “This phone isn’t supported on the RW network at this time. Howere, we offer support for a wide range of other phone models. See supported phones” What gives? I thought I was buying the right “unlocked phone”. When I look at the phone info it says “sim status: T-Mobile”

Is T-mobile the problem? And I just bought the wrong unlocked phone?

Hi @dand.mxfmmf,

Could you tell us more about your Pixel? What is its model number and what is the current Android build on the phone?

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Decided to return it since it wasn’t working and just bought one from republic wireless.
thanks and have a good day…


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