This phone sucks, need a better idea


I have the Moto X pure, and have had nothing but trouble with it since I got it. It’s less than a year old and I have opened 4 or so tickets on it.
I could warranty it, but I don’t want another one!
I don’t care to try any longer to resolve it’s issues, it’s just a ■■■.
So, before I give up completely and go back to Sprint I’m going to try another model.
I like republic wireless with the exception that I purchased a junk device, no one’s fault actually sometimes it just happens.
With all that being said, I want a new phone, and I’m hoping the community can help me choose one.
I need a phone with an excellent camera and flash. Video ability in low light or the on board light when needed.
I browse the web, to check email, Facebooking, upload pictures, share documents. Everything everyone else does!
I need a phone that has excellent call quality and will easily switch from cellular to WiFi without me telling it when to do that.
I need enough memory to store a weekends photos. Enough RAM to allow web use to be pleasant along with a decent processor to accommodate today’s internet…
I don’t have the greatest demands on a device, I just want it to work when I need it too and don’t like waiting.
Thanks and I await your ideas.


got a price range in mind?
see something you like that is not on the RW list, ask if they can test it… to see if it will work and add to the list…

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seeing how your unhappy with the Moto X Pure I would recomed a Samsung Galaxy S class phone, if you get last years the price has gone down some
Galaxy S7 SM-G930U


Hi @Badger,

Could you give us an idea of the issues you have had with the X Pure, so we can better understand what you hope to avoid?


There are many of us with Moto X Pures that seem to be satisfied … perhaps if you could outline the problems you have experienced, the community could offer some help. Maybe it won’t help you, but it would be an opportunity to share the problems and solutions and possibly help someone else


You are more of a power user than many RW users who are happy to be able to check email and access the internet occasionally for RW’s low prices. Also, you are pretty sophisticated with tech. That’s not a bad thing. You know what features and qualities you want.

If you can afford it, you might be happy with a Pixel 2.

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I’d say go for the Samsung Galaxy S8, it’s basically the best Android you can buy with Republic.


I would say the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8 are the best phones that can be used on Republic


Lately it’s freezing up, again!
This time tho it’s a black screen. Takes multiple tries pressing the power button to get it to restart.
Often I’ll try to open one app and another one will open instead., Sometimes more than one will open after I wait for the lagging to pass.
It’s time for another factory reset, the 6 time I have done one in less than a year…
If this was my PC, I would think I had a virus. This phone is clean the. Perhaps a glitch in the OS, or less likely a hardware issue.
I’m done with this tho. I’m tired of submitting tickets and a couple days off doing this n that just to finally doing a reset to stop eating time.
I’m quite positive it’s this device and not the model over all. I’m just frustrated at this and want to try a newer device.


So. I’m seeing that people are happy with the Galaxy and pixel models.
The best phone I ever had was the Galaxy S3.
Tried the S5 but promptly returned it to Sprint, that’s when I came to republic.
I’m not a power user by any means, but I want an awesome camera and enough pretty and memory to surf the net without lagging.
I don’t play any games on my phone. None!


Thanks for the responses. This sounds like what we often see with a 3rd party app. As you have done multiple Factory Data Resets in the past, I suppose you tried these things 1st?


I have been down this road so many times!
I have only a couple apps on my phone that weren’t in the library that came with this ■■■■ thing.
My banking app, my messaging app and my eBay app.
That’s it.
Every other thing I have gotten rid of.
Yes I’ve tried safe mode. Yes I have used this stupid thing with no apps. What’s the use of I can’t have apps??? Huh???
Might as well throw it in the trash if I can’t use apps…
I do want to know what the majority thinks is the best phone for republic.
The Galaxy S8 sounds inviting but the price is pure redicoulous…


My wife loves her G5+, there is a 64gb option, which has more rom and ram to help in not freezing up. It is affordable too!

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good luck with your future direction


Thank you all for the input.
I have just placed my order for the Moto G5+


Great. That’s what I have and I’m very satisfied with it. Let us know how whether it meets your needs.

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