Thnking of getting a FREEDOMPOP hotspot

I have a Republic Wireless Moto G (8GB) (1st Gen.) and am thinking of getting a FREEDOMPOP hotspot. Should I get a CDMA orGSM hotspot unit?

Hi @kims.vn9hl8,

Your Moto G would connect to the FreedomPop hotspot via WiFi. It makes no difference to your phone whether the hotspot is GSM or CDMA. Get the one with better coverage for your area or, if coverage is equal, the one that offers more free data. I’m uncertain about the hotspots but I do know FreedomPop offers more free cell data on CDMA phones than on its’ GSM SIMs.

I’m curious as to why you want or need a hotspot? Does it not make sense to add or increase a data plan for your phone with Republic Wireless? I hold FreedomPop in the same regard as Ringplus (which recently went out of business).

The only logical reason I can think of for doing so is the “free” cell data. I’m no great fan of FreedomPop’s model (nor was I of RingPlus) but FreedomPop does seem more financially stable than RingPlus ever was. Navigating FreedomPop’s plan structure is byzantine, however, they haven’t engaged in the kind of ever increasing plan allotments (associated with ever increasing top ups) that RingPlus did. I do have a FreedomPop global SIM but would never rely on them as a primary or even secondary service provider. It’s an experiment nothing more.

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