Thought i was going to be happy with the Moto Z Play phone but now i am sad :(

I had a Moto X 1st Gen phone since it came out with RW. i really liked the phone for the most part. yes i will admit i put up a few big stinks cause MMS/SMS on it was buggy and required you to use the stock app and no 3rd party apps but i got used to it. one of my favorite features though was the ability to send a text message hands free. at the time even siri could not do that. sure you could dictate a text to siri but you still had to tap the send button. on my moto x i could do it all without touching the phone EVEN IF IT WAS LOCKED. I really did not want to get rid of the phone but it was old and no longer could hold a battery charge long enough anymore.

So RW ran an awesome deal on the Moto-Z around Christmas time so i jumped on it. all the reviews out there convinced me i would be happy with this phone. when i got it in my hands and set it up i was very happy. it was fast and smooth and the battery life is amazing. I was so happy i made the right choice UNTIL… i went to send a text hands free and heard “Actually i can’t do that while the phone is locked, please unlock the phone and try again”. i search every setting and even broke out the old Moto-X to compare and thats when i found out that the “Moto App” on the Moto-Z is different and missing the features that allow it send texts hands free. Yes i can setup trusted places and that works in my common places i am at (home, work, etc.) but when driving, when i need hands free the most, there is no “trusted places” for that.

i opened a question on the experts page and great helper by the name of @littletoucan went though alot of steps until they realized that the moto app on the “pure edition” phone is different from the one on the moto z play and it appears the ability to do hands free texting was indeed removed. I spoke to Motorola and they blamed it on the Android version and that on lollipop it was possible to do that but on marshmallow it was removed.

i really don’t understand why a SAFETY feature like hands free texting was removed and no one at motorola can tell me if it will ever be back. i will say though… a very simple feature like that really makes me wish my Moto-X lasted me longer cause i sure do miss that feature

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There is some helpful information in this thread regarding 3rd party apps to do what the Moto app used to do:

App to replace Moto driving mode after “upgrade” to Huawei Ascend

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You can probably get your X repaired. Battery replacements don’t cost $100 anymore.

How about using Android Auto? It no longer requires a supported car?

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On my Nexus 6P I can use “OK Google” to do this (and many other very cool things) without unlocking the phone. It requires you to go into Settings, Security, Smart Lock, and then Trusted Voice. I don’t think this is a Nexus thing but rather an Android thing, and if so, it should be available on any phone running Android 7 (I’m running Android 7.1.1". Take a look at yours and see if it has this option.

Or maybe Android 7 (Nougat) hasn’t come to the Moto Z yet?

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