Thought of a Data Sipper, "On my big anniversary"


So, just hit 5 years…“On your big anniversary, we just wanted to reach out and say: THANK YOU (we’d give you a hug too, but, you know, this is an email).”

That’s Ok, I don’t need a hug. What I would like is the $7~8 back each month. It’s rare for me to use 100mb each month. If you do the math, it’s like I’m paying an extra half month*.

When are you going to bring back the buy back plain?

May your god go with you,

*$7 off the first month + $7 off the second month = $14 > $12~13 that I’d pay each month.


Not in our lifetime.

I liked the refunds too but in reality my long term cost will be less because of no longer having to purchase over priced custom ROM phones from RW exclusively. Consider learning to slurp a little and enjoy the much lower data cost.

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I’m a vet that’s disabled, I don’t go out much. And days will go by that I don’t even touch my phone. It’s mostly so that when I do go out, I have a life line.

That extra half month adds up, and my fixed income only goes so far.


Even if Republic brought back a data it would not save you that much, the new base cost would still be $15, it’s not going to go down] and data cost would be about the same as the old refund [$15 a GB or $1.50 per 100 MB] so you would still be looking at $17-$18 a month and have to closely track data where the my choice plan is $20+tax is still one of the better cell plans in the industry

By the way happy cake :cake: day


Well, somehow I was paying about $12 to $13 a month. If you want, I can show my bank records.


Understand as I too see it as a very large % increase. There are ways to ease the sticker shock for some with very low data usage if willing sip a bit more.

Have you considered the My Choice basic unlimited call/text plan at $15, it may be a better fit with a smaller cost increase for you? It provides a voice/text life line when out. In an emergency situation when/if cell data needed it can now be easily added without a reoccurring monthly cost.


I understand how the old refund plan had a base of $10, my point is that base price has increased to $15 on new phones and is not going to go back, and that $17 to $20 is not as big a jump and one gets access to the full GB

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