Three issues with moto g stylus 2021

I own moto g stylus 2021

On the 1 GB talk text data

I do have data

I have owned my phone a couple of months and have Googled, searched try to find a solution. When I am on a call using speaker phone, that’s what I always use, I have noticed for instance that if I’m talking to my husband and he asks me to order pizza or do a Google search, if he’s on the road, he suddenly can’t hear me. I will be talking away and he will start asking if I’m still there. I yell yes, but he can’t hear me. I finally figured out that my phone has either muted me or something because when I look it says “back to call”. If I click that it goes ba6to call and he can hear me again. This happens with every call. I am a multitasker so this is annoying. What can I do to stop it from muting on my end?

My second issue is that my Mother and I both are RW users. When we are on family group texts we can’t read the messages from the family members from one household. They have I phones. We can get messages from them with no issues that are not group texts. My brother and daughter also have iPhones, but we can see their group texts.i have also researched that over and over. I even stopped using Anywhere and switched to Google Messages hoping that would help. It’s got to be something to do with a setting in their phone that doesn’t agree with RW. My brother and daughter can see their messages fine. Is there something I can ask them to do to change so we can see their messages that won’t worry them that it will mess up their texting?

3rd issue The sound quality of this phone is horrible. The speaker is on the bottom so if I lean phone on my chest or stomach I can’t hear anything. Even with doing that it’s not great. Is this normal?

Thank you for any suggestions

Hi @broshe

For the first problem, does this persist if you boot the phone into Safe Mode? This will help determine if this is being caused by an ill-behaved app.

For the third problem, does the sound improve if you listen to a YouTube video?

I don’t know how to do safe mode. I would think it does though. I think it’s a setting on my phone that is putting it on standby if I try to browse a webpage while on a phone call. It doesn’t do it if I use the camera or other apps. Just Google browser (if that’s what it’s called… I’m not tech savvy)

My speaker does the same thing with YouTube. I think it is just poor design. I took my phone cover off and make sure nothing is covering any of the holes. If one hole is covered it really makes a difference. Even with no obstruction it needs to be turned way up to have good sound quality.

Thanks for the additional details.

When you try to order pizza, are you asking the Google Assistant to help with that? If not, what do you do? I think something is tricking the phone into thinking you want to ask Google Assistant (or some other app) something pizza-related. This causes the phone to switch the microphone away for the call to connect it to Google Assistant or some other app.

Here’s a link for the instructions for Safe Mode:

I would still recommend that you boot into Safe Mode and then see if listening to a YouTube video improves.

No, I’m not asking Google for anything in voice mode. I just gave the pizza thing as an example. I literally can’t open a webpage without it putting the call into mute. I can hear the other person, but they can’t hear me. I have to open the dialer and click “back to call” which indicates they’re on hold. I don’t see how they’re hold though if I can hear them. I di find one thing in my quest to find solution. It said Google Pixel has a new feature that puts you on hold when you call a number and there’s a long wait. You can lay your phone down and it will ring when a person comes on line. Some people were asking how to disable it. I don’t have the Pixel though.

I will try the safe mode thing. Thank you so much for your help and input!

Please open the Settings app on the phone and choose Privacy
Select “Permission manager”
Touch “Microphone”
Please ensure the permission for Chrome to use the Microphone is Denied.
Please try another call and see if things improve.

Thank you. I’ve just did what you suggested and will test it later when my spouse is awake. Thank you again!

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