Three months of free service on 2GB plan

Will I be able to pick the 1GB plan instead of the 2GB plan when I activate phone and still get the free three months. I really do not need the 2GB. I do not use more than 1GB per month.

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I haven’t seen the 3 month free offer, so I don’t know the details. But, even if you have to go with the extra 1Gb of data for 3 months, it’s still an amazing offer. Go for it! You can always dial back to 1GB at the end of the 3 month period, if that’s all you want.


If written as the other promotions you should be able to chose the 1GB. In past ones members would just be charged for additional data over amount offered,. Other than remembering to downgrade during the third month there’s no + or - to 1GB for you or RW.


Thank You

Thank you for the help.

@richardl.nkx8qm The offer is for 2GB, but if you choose a lesser amount of data, you will still get that free for the 3 month period. It’s only if you choose to purchase more than 2GB of data that you would be charged the difference.

You do have to pay for the taxes and surcharges on the plan.


Hi @richardl.nkx8qm,

The offer is good for up to 2GB, so you can activate on the Talk & Text ($15) plan and include 0, 1 GB or 2GB of data and pay only the taxes and regulatory fees.


If you are worried about forgetting to switch back you can set a reminder in your calendar to lower your data back to 1GB before your first paid billing cycle.


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