Three phones on 1.0 plan with 3G Data. Throttling affects all phones in account?


In my RW account, we have three phones on the 1.0 3G plan. My wife and I rarely use 1G of cellular data. Our son frequently uses 5G or more. Does cellular data throttling affect just his phone number or all three? I’m asking because my cell data sometimes becomes so slow as to become worthless. Wondering if we’re all paying the price with slow data when he exceeds 5G.


Throttling applies to only the service line that has consumed more than 5GB.




most likely it’s just Sprint 3G network that is not very stable (I experience this from time to time on my 3G 1.0 plan phone)


Thanks drm186. When I have strong Sprint 3G cellular coverage, but no Wi-Fi connection, it is frequently impossible to send a multimedia text message (photo). I get “couldn’t send due to network problem”. Always wondered if it was Sprint’s sketchy 3G network or RW trying to discourage cellular data usage.


Hi @guyswell,

For what it’s worth, Sprint’s “sketchy” 3G is precisely why I didn’t become a Republic customer until December 2014. It took Sprint’s fall 2014 launch of 4G LTE in my area (South Florida) and an opportunity to acquire the then brand new to Republic Moto X2 for me to pull the trigger. In other words, Sprint’s less than stellar 3G network was a deal breaker for me.


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