Tickets closed without resolution

I am feeling extremely frustrated with the quality of customer support.

I just put in my 4th help ticket today for the same issue. They keep marking it resolved and closing communication within minutes of the help ticket being placed. No one is asking if the problem is resolved. No one seems to care to try to help or fix the problem. They only seem to want the help ticket off their que. The only option I have to let them know the issue is not resolved is to place another help ticket.

4 help tickets in one day for the same issue is extremely frustrating and horrible customer support.

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You are aware that the new ticket is merged into the old ticket and then placed at the back end of the queue. It is better to update the existing ticket so you don’t delay your help request

Hi @erinr

I’m sorry you are having difficulty with the trouble ticket system.

As @Majorninth mentioned, when you open multiple tickets for the same problem, the newer ones get merged into the oldest ticket.

Please be sure you are interacting with support by updating your oldest ticket instead of opening new tickets. You can find your support tickets by logging into your Republic Wireless account at the following link:

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I can’t comment on the original ticket because comments are closed and when you click the link to create a follow up it takes you back to the submit a help request again. The issue Keeps being marked as “solved”.

I have never had this kind of issue with help tickets in the 10 years I have had Republic.

When you go here do you see any open tickets?: Tickets | Republic Wireless


Luckily my son’s phone started working late last night so this issue is now corrected. I still have not been able to activate my phone which has an open help ticket and I am able to communicate about.

The issues I made this post about was frustrating because they would close the ticket within minutes of it being placed and once it was closed then I was no longer able to communicate on the ticket and the links provided took me to open a new ticket.

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Each time you open a ticket on an issue where there is already an open ticket, that ticket is closed by the triage team and merged in to the open ticket. That will happen over and over and over as long as there is an open ticket on the issue.

The ticket was closed prior to me opening a new ticket. I never opened a new ticket on an open case only after the ticket had been closed by the customer services staff member it was assigned to and after I verified with my son that his phone was still not working. I have an even older help ticket open currently that has not been closed and that I am able to communicate with staff on.

I am frustrated that my ticket was repeatedly closed without confirming that the issue was taken care of before closing it even after asking for them to confirm that the issues was resolved before closing it.

I have utilized Republic for 10 years and this is the first time I have ever had this type of issue with the customer support team.


Hi @erinr,

For what it’s worth, the help team is literally buried with all that’s gone wrong for too many members like yourself. The process described here where new tickets on the same subject get merged into the oldest open ticket is how things are supposed to work and how I expect they’ll work again once some semblance of normal ticket volume is restored. I don’t mean this to sound like an excuse for your experience.

Hi @erinr,

I’m sorry I wasn’t available to chime in when you were experiencing this frustration. The 4 tickets you opened were all merged into your previously opened ticket at, which is still available for you to access by logging in with the correct account credentials.

We do not close tickets until they are resolved, but we must merge concurrent tickets into one another so that we can focus the conversation in a single ticket and serve you more effectively.