TIK TOK keeps poping up want to be installed


What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description


TIK TOK keeps popping up wanting to be installed. HOW do you get rid of it. MOTO G5+
DATA and unlimited text talk


That’s an ad from some other app you’ve installed. What apps have you installed recently?


I have uninstall most all apps. Thanks


And that ad is still coming up? If so, does it just come up at random times or specifically when using something like Chrome?


Seems to pop up after the phone has sat and the when one wants to use it.


So, whatever app is doing this, is still installed. Do you have anything on there like an anti-virus or any app that purports to make the phone faster, have better battery life, says it cleans the phone or frees up space, or anything like that?


HAD avg, I think all the cleaner tuner type apps are gone.


I hate to do this, but other than the apps that come with the phone, can you tell us what else you have left?


Amazon Music
Amazon shopping
Bens Pretzel
Camera tuner disabled
Charging=Related nois suppression disabled
chick fil a
Coupons for JC Penny
Dairy Queen
DUO disabled
FM Radio
Little Ceasers
Martins Mobbileapp
Rain Music
Simple Radio
The Weather channel
TXRH Moble
wave sounds
Yahoo Mail


Honestly, it could be a whole number of these.

  1. Coupons for Jcpenny - I’m always wary of an app for a store that isn’t made by that store
  2. Not sure what Charging is, but if that’s an app that you’ve installed, I would start there
  3. Not sure what rain music is, but if it is an app that makes white noise/rain sounds I would look at that
  4. I would also try wave sounds
  5. The wish app on my phone had a bad habit of constant notifications, I didn’t get ads, but as a last resort I would try this app.

Some of these apps will only let me disable them. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP


That Reimage software that article recommends appears to be malware.
(also a direct link to a .exe and not the creators website, a red flag)
That also appears to be geared for PC, not phone.
That page is also very spammy with ads.

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Thanks. I just thought about our cars blue tooth. Maybe it still has contacts there from syncing. Willl try and let you know

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