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I have a Moto E6 approx. 2 months old. Recently noticed there is often a small white circle at the top of the screen where the Republic arc and the time are located. If I click on the circle it says time and weather are running in the background. Tap for more information or to stop. Tap on it you can Disable or Force Stop
Seems like the time and date would always be running - I’d like to get rid of the circle, but still want to see the time and weather when I look at my phone.
Thank you.

Hi @evl,

I’ve shared your experience on a household Moto G6 Play after a recent security update from Motorola. The solution is to disable notifications for the Time and Weather app. The next time you see the circle, swipe down from the top of your phone to expose the notification. Then, tapping the notification will open the Time & Weather app preferences from which you’ll be able to disable notifications. Doing so will make the circle go away going forward.


Thank you - will do. And yes just recently I had a Motorola security update.
Appreciate the help very much.


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