Time for a little fun with a Kahoot! (Challenge 1: Get to know the Ambassadors)


Ok Community! Time for a challenge. Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention!

Our Ambassadors have introduced themselves. Take a few minutes and review the thread.

Then play our Kahoot! and see what you learned.

Playing requires that you download the Kahoot App, no browser-based version is available for this style of play. (Pro tip: You’ll want to be on Wi-Fi!)

This challenge ends Sunday, January 28, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. ET

To play:

On your phone or tablet, go to:


Download and install the Kahoot app. (Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi!)
If you don’t like a lot of noise, turn off the sound in the audio!

  1. Tap the profile icon at lower left of your screen.
  2. Tap the gear icon at top right
  3. Toggle “Music” and “Sound Effects” off

Enter the challenge PIN: 0578590
Accept the challenge and move through the rounds!
Once you tap the “1” to start round one, you’ll be prompted for a “Nickname.” Please use your Community username.

I’ll post the leaderboard daily.

Remember, it’s a game - have fun, and don’t try to ruin it for everyone else.

Greetings and Introductions!

With only a few people daring to test the waters thus far, @bitflung and @PlaneTherapist lead the leaderboard. (Excluding Ambassador participants, since they are very familiar with the thread and tested the Kahoot for me!)

If you play the Kahoot, let me know what you think. Was it fun? Challenging? Stressful?

It’s a challenge, folks… that means there may be random prize or two!


I enjoyed it - i’d love to see more challenges setup :smile:

i like that this challenge was personal; that our responses depended on a knowledge of the ambassadors. would it be appropriate to include some of the other members in the questions? maybe stuff from the “the same 10 questions” interviews?



You’re getting ahead, @bitflung ! If the Community enjoys this, the next step is opening up an “Introduce yourself” thread and then doing a Kahoot on a regular cadence based on those posts. Plus we might start using them to help with concepts like, “How to get help at Republic” and questions based on common themes here.

Me, too, if the Community participates!


I missed the test phase, so just played now for the first time. I did not go back and review the Get to Know thread, and missed two questions. It was a fun, little game.


So far, excluding Ambassadors, @bitflung remains in the lead! Congrats, Bit, and thanks for providing feedback, as well! Do you by any chance enjoy wearing a ball cap?


I did not have the opportunity to help with testing nor did I review the thread prior to giving the Kahoot a try. Obviously I’m more familiar with this particular subject matter, so my score should still be discounted. That notwithstanding, I’m sufficiently competitive not to mind seeing my name at the top of the leaderboard. :grinning: Come on, I’m confident someone out there can knock me out of that position.

In summary, I had fun and found some of the questions challenging enough that I was lucky to correctly guess the right answer. In no way did I find the experience stressful. It’s a game, so I hope other’s experience is similar to mine. I would concur with the sentiment that I’d like to see the Community actively participate and the subject matter broadened.


Tonight’s leaderboard has few differences. Apparently this game is less popular with our Community than it is in our office.

Tell me why you’re not playing:

  • I don’t want to download the app.
  • The thread the questions came from is too long.
  • I have better things to do.
  • I didn’t come here to play games.
  • I don’t like to lose.
  • Something else.

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From the second page of the leaderboard (not shown), @kwadz, thanks for playing and not being afraid to miss an answer or, um, two! May we send you a RW ball cap to thank you for playing?


Hahaha…I was HORRIBLE… somehow I managed to get less than 25% right, I think. But it was fun and had me chuckling. :wink: I’d love a RW baseball cap… thanks! I wear my RW Anywhere t-shirt very often, getting questions every time, so a RW cap will be a nice compliment to it. I love bragging to my friends and neighbors about RW! BTW, apparently you figured out it was me…kahoot wouldn’t let me use “kwadz” because it was less than 6 characters so I had to get creative…


I read this thread the other day, and did NOT review it when I just tried the app tonight. LOL I remembered a couple of the questions, but not many!


Play homework challenges on your phone,

Most folks don’t like homework.


@jumphour, you did fine, you made the leaderboard! I’ll tell you what, if no one bumps you out of the top 10 by the end of the challenge, we’ll send you baseball cap, too!


Thank you for the offer. I’ve gotten a nice swag package in the past, so hopefully someone else will beat me!


I don’t know @jumphour, there were no changes to the leaderboard tonight. Looks like no one is up to the challenge of trying to knock you off the leaderboard, even for Republic Wireless baseball cap!


The challenge ended this afternoon and although we had some attempts, no one managed to bump @jumphour off of the leaderboard. (Thanks @michaelhe and a mysterious richardm for trying!)

I had to laugh - there were only three votes in the “Why you’re not playing” poll and two of those three voters actually played! :smile_cat:


We’re going to give this another try, with a fresh start! We want to get to know all our Community members, not just the Ambassadors. So please take a few minutes to introduce yourself in our new “Greetings and Introductions” thread. Once there are at least 10 member introductions with enough content for me to work with, I’ll create a new Kahoot Challenge, complete with some surprise prizes. If the challenges receive enough participation, we’ll keep challenging, because getting to know our members is worthwhile and fun!


darn, I wanted a RW baseball cap. You wanna trade?. :grinning:


did i remain in the lead through to the end?? :slight_smile:


Indeed. The leaderboard did not change after Saturday night’s post, and while you were #5 shown, you were the top non-Ambassador. Since they were more familiar with the subject matter from being involved in its creation, they are don’t count. (Well, they always count, but… you know what I mean!)