Time for a new phone? And if so, help needed


Hi. I have a Moto X 1st gen that has more and more battery issues (poor life + weirdness, like dying at 20%).

  1. I’ve seen some say just change the battery; but others say it’s not easy to do and/or bad things can happen. Thoughts on getting a new phone? (I’m with RW b/c I don’t like spending money.)
  2. If I purchase the Moto X4 from Google Fi (https://fi.google.com/about/phones/#android-one-moto-x4), can I use it with RW?
  3. I’m on the Republic Refund 0.5GB Plan. Will I be able to continue that with the Moto X4?
  4. If someone could explain what the deal is with Android versions and new phones, that would be great. Obviously with my Moto X 1st gen, I’ve been on 5.1, with no hopes of ever going further. I really don’t know what’s up these days with newer Android versions and ones soon to come. I just know that your phone limits you. And RW takes a long time to get you on new versions. And those together seem limiting. But maybe Android versions aren’t really a big deal since 5.1 - I don’t know. People’s input would be appreciated.
    (If this is best split into multiple posts, ok.)


There was special firmware on the legacy models. The phones currently being sold by RW use the manufacturers edition of Android. Upgrades are manage by the manufacturer, not RW.


You can contact Motorola to get a battery replacement quote, but honestly, it won’t be cheap and the phone is old enough that other things could fail on it now.

Yes, that phone will work.

You will have to choose a new plan. All of the new phones use the My Choice plan seen here:



Thanks to both of you for replying.

It turns out you don’t get the Google Fi deal on the Moto X4 without going with their plan. (I had asked the rep specifically if I could just buy the phone and not activate, and he said yes. But he failed to mention that I don’t get the sale price if I don’t activate.)

After getting some more input from RW and weighing options, I ended up buying a Moto G5 Plus from Costco which I will bring to RW to replace my Moto X 1st gen.

And for what it’s worth, I did compare what it would cost to switch to Google Fi. RW was still substantially cheaper (at least for our usage needs) than Google Fi. Over the long haul, that makes the difference for us regarding cost (in spite of the nice phone deal).

Thanks again for the assistance. All the best.


Glad to hear you are staying.

You will need to order a new SIM card for that phone as the SIM in your Moto X 1st gen will not work in the new phone.

You can find SIM cards here:


You will transfer your current Republic phone number over to your new phone during activation of the new phone.

After the Google activation, you will begin the Republic activation and be asked to sign in to your Republic Wireless account on your new phone. After you sign in, you will be asked if this is a New Line of Service or if you wish to Move an Existing Line.

Choose Move an Existing Line.


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