Time for a new phone - Volla Phone?

My Moto G3 is outdated, and I wish to replace it. I have decided to move away from Google as much as practical, and I am looking at the Volla Phone, which is based on the German-made Gigaset GS290.

Unfortunately, I’m sure this means I will most likely need to find another carrier, which is making my decision hard, as I’ve always enjoyed my RW service. I joined RW right when the Moto E1 became available. However, I wouldn’t mind experimenting to see if I could get RW to work on it. Do you think there might be a remote possibility?

However, I’m concerned about U.S. carrier compatibility, especially concerning frequencies:

GSM / 2G: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, UMTS / 3G: 900 / 2100 MHz, FDD / LTE / 4G: 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 MHz

When purchasing the phone, one can choose from either their open source Android-based Volla operating system or Ubuntu Touch. I would choose the Volla OS, as it is compatible with most Android Apps:

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I install Android app on the Volla Phone?
You can install most Android apps via an alternative App Store on the Volla Phone based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Exceptions are Android Apps that require Android Play Services, for example paid Android Apps from the Android Play Store.

I’ve contacted and received emails from Volla and Gigaset about U.S. compatibility. They both think it should work fine on our carriers, but before making the purchase, I decided to get input from those here who have the knowledge that I lack. So, what do you think, will it work just fine here in the U.S.?

From Volla:

From Gigaset:

One of the best things about this phone, besides not having all of those unwanted Apps, is the Operating System will continually be updated through the years, helping to avoid the planned obsolescence problem. And if they do stop updating the OS, it can easily be switched to Sailfish, Ubuntu Touch, etc.

However, if you believe this phone isn’t a good fit in the U.S., I’ll end up buying either the Pixel 4A or Pixel 4A 5G, due to their longer term OS and security patch support over other Android phones.

Thanks for your help,

Forget it. This phone is a poor fit for the US market. It’s missing support for all but two of the 4G LTE bands used by US carriers. Until you see a US carrier announcing support for a Volla Phone, move on.

  • The homework you have put into your quest is commendable, however, besides the lack of the major US frequencies as @cbwahlstrom pointed out, don’t forget:
    • US FCC approval would be required, not a simple hurdle in itself.
    • Both carriers would have to test and approve.
    • Republic would then have to run it through their stringent testing to ensure that RW’s Bonded Calling and other functions work.

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