Time for a new phone. Which one?


I currently have a Moto G 1st Gen. on the $10 talk/text wifi plan. I live right outside of Atlanta. I’m currently on Sprint. I’ve had the phone & service from RW for @3.5 years and the phone and service have worked GREAT here in metro Atlanta and in the places I’ve traveled around the country.

I want to upgrade to a new Moto phone and I’m trying to decide which one. I’m looking at the Moto G4 and the Moto G5 Plus.

Will the Moto G4 work on Sprint? Will RW ship me a Sprint enabled phone if I purchase the Moto G4 from them?

Since the Moto G4 is a bit older, does it make more sense to spend the extra $70 or so and buy the newer Moto G5 Plus. If I buy that one, will it be Sprint enabled? I’m wary of buying a phone that might soon not be upgradable.

I have a desktop computer and a tablet (and a Kindle) so I mainly use my phone for calls, text and some picture taking. So I don’t need the phone to do everything.

Thanks for any help/insight you can provide.


both the G4 and G5 Plus can work in either Republic partners
for the price difference I would personal get the Moto G5 plus (it’s a year newer and on the upper end of mid-line phones)
note the $10 plan is not an option for any 3.0 phone and it’s replacement is the $15 WiFi and talk with no data Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless


The Moto G5+ 64GB version (normally $299) is on clearance sale at Walmart for $199. You might consider that. Most Walmart stores have none in stock so it might take some detective work to find one. Here is a link to a discussion of this offer: G5+ for sale at Walmart


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