Time for a New Phone

So, I have one of the original Moto X 1stgens. Had the thing for just under 5 years now with RP. So, decided it’s really time to upgrade it to a newer phone. Problem is, there just seems to be so many new options, and some of the options you can get on RP, are either odd mix/matches, or the such, so that makes it more difficult.

I want a phone with 64gb storage, around the 6" screen size, 3-4gb ram. Realisticly, cost is and isn’t a factor. I know it’s gonna cost to get a phone with those specs. Just, not sure I can justify the $700+ for an S9, even though I’d like one. Was looking at the S8 and Z3 play… Anyone have any suggestions on what would be best of any phone that works on RP?

Hi @mogymog!

A lot has changed at Republic since the legacy days of the X1! You are now able to bring your own compatible device to Republic so if it’s super expensive new (like the S8 or S9), you can buy the compatible model used and bring it to Republic. Republic also added a new cellular partner (TMobile-so you will have service from either Sprint or TMobile). That being said, I think the Google Pixel XL2 or the Moto Z3 Play would be good bets. Both of them will have a stock Android experience (the Z3 Play will have a few helpful additions). Both have 4gb of RAM and 6" screens. You may want to look at a helpful guide written by a fellow community member: Detailed Supported Phone Features .

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@southpaw just recommended a couple for me, I ended up getting the Moto G5S+ and like it.

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Yeah I know a lot has changed in 5 years. I do read up on the site, and the emails… I know about the BOYP, and the cell partners and all the fun stuff… And as much as I do like the bring your own compatible device thing. I know with my luck, I’ll drop $500 on an unlocked third party phone, get it, and suddenly nothing from RP will work with it and I’ll be out a ■■■■ ton of cash, and time, and a whole lot of other problems that go with it, Which is kinda why I mentioned the phones I did, cause I know RP sells them.

You can look here to get a list of all phones (with model numbers) that RW sells plus others that are compatible with RW.

How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP)

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