Time for a new phone?

I’ve been with RW since Beta (Defy XT), then to a Moto X, and starting in Dec 2019 Moto G7.

I’m finding myself disappointed in the G7 - less durable, maybe because of size but i’ve dropped it a few times and the screen protector has a couple of cracks (maybe the screen too, but i havent tried to take the protector glass off, since its only annoying/barely notice unless the light is just right. I do like the FM radio (other than you have to have a headset connected) since it helps to keep my data use down (i stream music while bike riding and walking). Battery life on the G7 is acceptable, but if i read e-book i do have to recharge after 1/2 day.

I have been streaming music (iheart and SirrusXM) so i run out of data (1GB) before the month is up.,

unfortunately Tmobile/Sprint coverage is weak near my home and i experience data drops during my walk thru the swamp.

so i am looking for a universal phone (that works on ATT/Verison/Sprint/Tmobile so i can try a different provider (Visible has Unlimited for $25/month)

how would a Pixel 4a 5g phone compare to the G7?

I would just point out that your G7 will work with any provider.

Visible said it was not compatible (imei) :frowning:

Visible is a weird provider. They only use VoLTE (and only Verizon’s version of VoLTE, at that). I brought a factory unlocked Pixel to their service some time back, and were it not for the help of people on Reddit I would have never got it activated.

In spite of the map, users often find that changing from Sprint to T-Mob8l or vs-vs will improve your reception

Visible, like Republic, has a very limited list of phones that are approved for their network. Frankly, given my experience with Visible, you’re lucky not to have a phone that works with them.

I’ll be very specific.
I want the best I can get for the most reasonable.

  • Pixel 4xl $250-350 on ebay, the antenna on these are awesome :sunglasses:
  • My spectrum high speed home internet allows me to add all my devices to their 500,000 WiFi Networks.
  • republic wireless paid in advance with 2 months free so you can add a gig more.
  • use downloaded music apps like Googles YouTube music. I have 5 different playlists of 350+ songs that work offline just like my maps. I haven’t needed more than 1 gig in 8 years unless traveling away from home.

Good luck on your journey.

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