Time for change

Is RW thinking about price changes, if not maybe they should. I just spotted an ad for another
MVNO Carrier using one of the Big 3. Its data prices were much lower than RW. I hope RW gets some price concessions from Sprint or T mobile as I really want to stay with RW.

Republic has always targeted low data users and as far as I can see, there are very few choices out there that allow you to add data only when needed and not pay for data when you don’t. In my family we have some phones that need only talk/text and we have these on Republic because $15 for talk text, including the ability to roam, is hard to find. As an example Cricket charges $25 for this and while there are other $15 plans they included only the carrier’s pre-paid coverage and no roaming.

At the same time, I personally have a need for a work phone that was at least 25GB of data a month and the ability to tether. This is obviously not a fit for Republic, and is instead on AT&T.

The nice this is that the market is filled with companies that cater to different segments of the market. There are even carriers that cater to people of specific religious beliefs, political persuasions, languages, etc.

Republic won’t always be the right choice for everyone, but for the market segment it targets, it continues to lead with features (like extend home, anywhere and talk/text roaming) that often their competition does not offer.


I agree with you, John. Republic has lost its edge on other carriers in terms of pricing. T-mobile (Prepaid) itself is charging $15 for unlimited talk+text and 2 Gb of data. Also, if you have a compatible phone, it allows wifi calling.
I used to be a Republic wireless customer with older plans. I left when they moved to choice plans 3.0. There are other carriers who even offer unlimited international calling with 3 Gb of data for $15. They run on Sprint and roam onto Verizon for talk and text when coverage is unavailable.
I was hoping Republic will bring some drastic changes in their pricing or offer other features to distinguish itself from other MVNOs.


There is a difference between the pre-paid and post-paid network coverage. Republic offers post-paid network coverage. You may also want to look at how painful and expensive it is should you need to add more data in any month.

Can you share who it is?

Is there another carrier that allows you to extend your cell phone service to a home handset at no additional charge? Which of these cheap carriers offers full access, without need for the phone to be operating, to your texts from a PC, tablet or other device?

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I hope you’re not referring to Anywhere.

I am not speaking for everyone. But for me, where I live I have good T-mobile coverage. Also, I don’t need more than 1 Gb of data. So post paid coverage or more data doesn’t make much difference for me.

The carrier name is Twigby.

Blockquote For me, it is not required. I already have a ooma service. I don’t pay a single penny. So, having extended home service is a not a priority or use fo me. When I said, more features is other than Extend feature. Home Extend is a great option for those who need.

When republic first started, I joined the company as a beta customer and loved their technology and prices. I still love the company for their innovation.

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I thought the deal for Ooma is one pays taxes and regulatory recovery fees?


I got it before they made it mandatory for taxes and regulatory recovery fees. So, I am still using it. I have been using for the last 11 years.

There are always catches. For instance, with Twigby (like Cricket and most others) MMS uses customer data. No data plan or run out of data means no picture or group messages. So yes, I can save $2 with their $13 talk/text plan but then I give up having the ability to send/receive picture and text messages.

That is a promotional price, so if you’re going to count that as $15, then you need to call the Republic Plan $10 since they just had a promotion. In any case at $20 3GB is still a good deal. Twigby’s international calling is weird too. No more than 12 different phone numbers a month, not valid if you’re roaming, and limited to a weird list of countries. (Yes, I understand, still better than Canada only with Republic). You’ve also still got the caveat that MMS messages use your data and if you run out, you can’t send/receive picture or group messages.

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And why not? Are you referring to the fact that it isn’t in active development? If so, what does that matter. It continues to work and in fact Republic has squished numerous bugs pretty recently.

I found it to be quite buggy, and lacking key features on iOS…but that’s another thread!

My biggest complaint with RW is the inability to access cell service when traveling internationally, including Canada. This means when outside the U.S., RW phones can only make and receive calls or access data while connected to WiFi. That’s very limiting.

Now that RW’s two network operators have merged into one (T-Mobile, whose largest shareholder is Deutsche Telekom), I don’t understand why RW can’t/won’t negotiate a deal with DT to provide its customers with cellular access internationally. I wouldn’t mind paying the exorbitent prices that Verizon & ATT charge for a temporary plan so I could make and receive calls, texts and data using my same phone # while traveling.

As it currently stands, the only option is to purchase a SIMM card from a local provider, which I consider a vastly inferior option for many reasons, not the least of which is constantly having to swap SIMM cards to access the RW and the local phone #s. The current situation is simply not “customer-friendly.”

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Relatively few albeit some MVNOs offer cellular coverage outside the U.S. (a/k/a international roaming). Generally, international roaming is the domain of one of the big 4 (now big 3) carriers.

In many places, WiFi availability is significantly better than the U.S. I actually find the ability to use Republic service when connected to WiFi to be a significant benefit. Calling back home using Republic service over WiFi is far more cost effective than using international roaming.

Such a negotiation could certainly theoretically take place, however, presumes interest on the other parties end and said negotiation would need to result in a price enough Republic customers would be willing to pay (even temporarily) to make it worth everyone’s while.

The question isn’t whether some Republic customers would be willing to pay such exorbitant prices. The question is how many? It would need to be enough to make the offering worth both Republic’s and any partner’s while. Maybe there would be sufficient interest but it’s not a given.

Using local (in country) cellular service, which indeed means swapping SIMs if one also wishes to use Republic service when connected to WiFi, is the most cost effective way to secure cellular service when outside the U.S. It is something experienced international travelers have been doing for years if not decades.

No carrier can be all things to all people. It sounds like you want Google Fi. Republic has a target market just like every other carrier has a target market. Those that want cellular coverage while traveling internationally aren’t that target market.

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If you offer service for all the iPhones out there, people will forget about the little things that you see them bickering about. iPhones are your future whether you believe it or not? Just don’t wait too long.

Republic’s working on that one: Republic Wireless announces a limited-participant iPhone Beta. For the time being, the beta is both invitation only and currently full.

I do not believe iPhone support, in and of itself, is the future. I do believe expanding options would be a good thing.


Yes. You have been able to use your Google phone number and an OBi box to do the same thing even before there was a Google Fi.

I understand this is quite possible with a Google Voice number. I’ve used various OBi devices with GV and other VoIP service providers including the now defunct former Republic sister service RingTo for years. Is it possible with a Google Fi number? If not, it would not be an apples to apples comparison since Google Voice is not a mobile phone service provider per se.

I’d also point out Obihai (now owned by Poly) no longer supports GV on its OBi 100 series adapters. It does continue to support GV on 200 series adapters though I’m unconvinced Poly is interested in supporting the 200 series adapters indefinitely.

Personally I don’t think Republic should involve itself in the race for the bottom that seems to be going on for smaller providers.

A lot of the other providers that do this sort of pricing tend to either increase prices later past Republic’s offerings or outright go out of business.

Republic offers a both reliable and reasonable pricing model that gives me confidence in the future of their business. As years go by service quality increases while small but meaningful benefits begin to appear.


This is anything but seamless for the average Republic customer. It is unsupported, provides e911 only through a workaround, and just isn’t the same thing.

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