Time in CDR log is not correct

In “View Calls & Messages…”, the time in the logs is 3 hours ahead of the actual time the call/text occurred (aka “future mode”).

My phone time zone is manually set – correctly, I am in the time zone set on the phone, as is the other phone.

I’d like the logs to reflect reality.

How do you turn off “future mode” on the logged data?

Hi @timothyr.wuizgc,

The time stamps in Republic’s online call history do reflect reality just not the reality one would expect. The time stamps are UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). Currently. there’s no way to change this. Settings on your phone make no difference for online call history. They’ll only impact time stamps on the phone itself.

You could download the information to a spreadsheet, then manipulate the time stamps yourself.

You’re kidding, right? I need the log information to be accurate Otherwise it is not a log. I did not check every entry for being 3 hours off – it appears there are many entries that may be off by varying times.

There are other problems with the CDR logs as well, like numbers which I never exchanged calls/texts showing up in the log… even while I am sleeping – well at least I think sleeping, . its difficult to tell when the purported time is not accurate.

The time in the log makes no sense.

I am not kidding nor do I make the rules of how it works. The best I’m able to do is pass along the facts as they are.

re: “The time stamps are UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).”

That makes it closer, but not quite there. The time in the log is off by 1-hr from UTC.

For example, right now, UTC ia about 14:43.

The log reports a call made now as 13:43.

Unlike GMT, UTC does not follow daylight saving time. So, during daylight saving time, offset to EDT is 4 hours

while on standard time UTC offset is 5 hours to EST.

Thanks Amitl, I just found the DST issue. I vote let’s get rid of DST. Better yet, let’s get rid of time zones and DST altogether, and everyone run on Earth Time (Zulu/GMT/UTC).

P.S. While yes, I am on DST in the Eastern Timezone, it remains the CDR log does not report UTC time – but 1 hour behind UTC time.

… that’s 3 hours difference (not 4 hours) between EST and UTC.

The offset between EST (Eastern Standard Time) and UTC is 5 hours.

The offset between EDT (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) and UTC is 4 hours.

I just checked my Calls Log and all my calls and texts for today accurately reflect the 4 hour offset.

If your Calls Log is not showing a 4 hours offset, please submit a help ticket


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