Time on call record


How do I fix it so the time on the call record is correct?



I’m sorry the simple facts are that you can’t. What you will have to do is change the times mentally by deducting the time changes. This is a issue with RW from Day1. The company being in NC is the time zone that everyone deals with. If your in the east then no problem, I’m sorry your in the west & have to deal with this.


Hi @karenm.ogzvsi,

If you’re referring to online call history available when signed into your Republic account here; View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless, I’m afraid there is no fix. Time stamps are Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) not local time. There’s currently no way to change this. An online UTC time converter that might be helpful is here: (UTC/GMT) Time Zone Converter Difference Calculator.

If you’re good with spreadsheets, it’s possible to download call history in CSV format, which may be imported into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets etc. Clicking the floppy disk icon (upper right) will reveal one or more linked files for download. You’d then import and manipulate the data in your spreadsheet of choice.

If you’re referring to time stamps on your phone, please let us know.


Thanks! Just as I was reading your first paragraph, I thought of the excel option, too. I’ll do that.