Time stamp on text messages rec'd is in the future--not current time?

What phone do you have? Moto One 5G Ace

What plan are you on? My Choice + 2GB of data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data Talk and Text

Issue Description

<!---Seemed to start recently. Suddenly the time stamp on all of my texts that I am receiving are all incorrect and appear to be in the future--about at least 5 hrs out. What becomes weird is that because of this when I reply to a text or even send a text it is properly stamped at the current present accurate time which then places it in the stream before the text that I had received asking me a question of some sort. What can I do to correct this?

Hi @charlesh.uf9xdx

Which texting app are you using, please?

Is your phone displaying the current time correctly, even if the time stamps for the texts is off?

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If it is exactly 5 hours and your home time zone is eastern time…then you are probably getting some erroneous conversion to UTC.

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Would you have any idea on how I stop this erroneous conversion to UTC?

It seems that I might have to make some kind of adjustment to the Combined Universal Time Code–is this basically what I need to do within my device as I live on the East Coast?

The time my cell phone is displaying is precisely 13 minutes in advance of the exact time, as I always like to set my phone and my clocks in my home exactly 13 minutes in advance–its a psychological thing to always get me a tiny little buffer of extra time.

What is most disconcerting is that when I reply to a text it is in my real time so it places my reply before the stream of texts that my phone received trying to elicit a response from me. Freakin weird!!!

This can cause problems. Your phone relies on an accurate time for a lot of things to work correctly.

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Maybe so…but I don’t think we can link it to this texting timestamp issue, right?

If you long press on the incoming text…and then tap on view details…it should show you sent and received timestamps…do you see both these timestamps as off by 5 hours…or only the received one?

Just did that and here is an example of what it reads in details:
Type: Multimedia Message
Priority: Normal
sent: 1/12/22 9:04 AM
Received: 1/11/22 9:18PM

When I replied to my college friend the time stamp on my text was correct for my cell phone–on spot correct.

This one is more like 12 hours…plus your 13 minute adder…either way…the sent time stamp is the issue…and I don’t think your phone can influence that number.

might be worth trying another texting app…just to eliminate app issue…

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I can’t assign a correlation coefficient of +1.0, but it’s the first place I’d look.

In your time and date setting…do you still have “automatic time zone” enabled? You should be able to use automatic time zone…even if you are not using network provided time. otherwise you can also manually set it to the correct time zone… if your time zone setting is wrong… then it could possibly cause the issue you are describing.

Yes current time displayed is fine.

What if (as a process of elimination only) you tried the following:

  1. Set Automatic date & time to use network-provided time
  2. Set Automatic time zone to use network-provided time zone
  3. Set Automatic 24-hour format to use locale default
  4. Restart the phone, and then ensure the changes took place and your current time is now EST
    Now test … any discrepancies in the timing of sending/receiving text?
    If Yes, then restart the phone in Safe Mode


Under my clock app and clicking on the details: taking me to settings, I see the following:
Home time zone (GMT-5:00)Eastern Time is greyed out. Clicking on the Listing: Change date & time I see that I have “Use network provided time zone” enabled as a blue on designation.

You can ignore this comment immediately but… Maybe this is a sign that your future self is attempting to communicate to your current self via a wrinkle in the time-text continuum.

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