Time to upgrade from MotoG 1st Gen? (camera, ugh!)


Hi RW peeps,

Still love the great service and coverage. More people should believe in Republic Wireless and switch over!

I have finally had it with the camera on my phone. Is every G4 user in love with phone (generally speaking) and the new improved camera???

The extra money for the Moto X or Moto Z is more phone than I need.

What say you all?




I upgraded from the MotoG1 to the Moto G5 Plus and absolutely love it. The camera is 1000% better. I was concerned that the larger size screen would be too big, but I’ve quickly gotten used to it and would not go back to the smaller screen.


Thanks. Over all quality, the speaker phone and ear piece are also improved?


The G series has overall improved drastically from the first generation. From materials, specs, to build quality. If you are looking to upgrade then the G5+ is a pretty big upgrade. Keep in mind this means you will have to upgrade to the new 3.0 plans as well.