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How do you make the call history display in the local time zone (in my case, Eastern Time)? I understand that they currently display in GMT or Universal Coordinated Time or something like that… I saw that answer already. But it should be possible to display this in the local time zone. If it is currently possible to do that, please tell me how. If it’s not possible, then please make it possible. (FYI - my VOIP provider for my landline displayed the same way until I simply entered my local time zone and it fixed everything. If this is not currently possible with RW, then please make it possible - this is a simple and reasonable request…) Thanks!

Hi @davidc.yk6q9o,

What you ask is currently not possible with Republic. The best currently available workaround is to download to a spreadsheet, then adjust the timestamps yourself. I know not a great solution in my opinion either. As for ease of “fix”, I’m not in a position to address that, however, suggestions are best made here: Suggestions.

this is a simple and reasonable

I wasn’t taught the new math in school but the old school math by the head seems simple enough for my purposes.

As @rolandh said there are workarounds for those that have a reasonable need for the records in their particular TZ.

RW has larger dragons to slay at this time.

We have been asking RW to change this presentation for at least four years. Such a change wouldn’t be easy but it is certainly possible. RW is a small company and most likely they don’t find it cost effective when there are so many other more important programming tasks.

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