Tips on how to switch SIM from Moto x4 to Motorola Edge (2020)

I just got my new Motorola Edge (2020) and I believe I should be able to just move my Republic SIM (it’s a GSM) to the new phone. Is that right?
The X4 was my first smart phone, so I’ve never moved to a new one. Are there any tips or tricks you can suggest to make the set-up process easier?

You should just be able to move the SIM, install the Republic Wireless app, and follow the onscreen prompts (although I can’t exactly recall the order in which this occurs). At some point you’ll be asked if you want to copy information from your Moto X4.

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Thanks for answering. Of course, I couldn’t wait for an answer, and succeeded in moving the SIM and transferred my apps and data with very little difficulty. Having fun figuring out how the new phone works.