Tmobile coverage now in my area, but RW map does not reflect this

tmobile has very recently expanded coverage to my area - but when I check the RW coverage map it shows no service in my area…

hoping that RW just hasnt updated their map yet - still waiting to upgrade my phone from an old g3 that uses the sprint network and I dont want to buy a phone in hopes that I will get a sim that works in my area

  1. If you buy the SIM today at Amazon or Republic, you will get the GSM, TMobile one.

  2. Buy a compatible phone from Amazon, Best Buy or someone else and you will be placed on TMobile’s network.

  3. If you buy a GSM only phone from Republic, then you have guaranteed yourself to get a TMobile SIM.

Current GSM only phones are:

Samsung J3

Samsung S6

Any compatible Motorola Z model

Huawei Asend

The advice above will ensure you get a phone/service with GSM coverage. As to whether Republic Wireless has GSM coverage in your area, the best way to get that information is probably to ask them directly through a Republic Help request. Here is a map I like to use to check T-Mobile MVNO coverage. It is housed on T-Mobile’s servers and may (or may not) be more up-to-date.

It is my understanding that all carrier ‘coverage’ maps are based off of engineering models of their network/tower location. You may see disclaimers similar to the one below from Sprint … so YMMV

This tool provides high-level estimates of our wireless coverage. Coverage is not available everywhere and varies based on a number of factors.>> Learn more

  • There are available services like Open Signal that provide coverage maps based on actual user feedback from their phone (via app) … these will show user concentration, usually on the well beaten paths

I rely on the T-Mobile map since RW has coverage in the U.S. where T-Mobile shows coverage. The T-Mobile map is a bit optimistic. If the phone of your choice isn’t in their list use the Samsung S7. Drop pins in areas you frequent.

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

billg wrote:

I rely on the T-Mobile map since RW has coverage in the U.S. where T-Mobile shows coverage.

But keep in mind that if the place you drop a pin shows “partner” coverage, you won’t have access to cellular data, and your phone may not activate properly.

Coverage maps have to be updated from time to time. If T-Mo coverage only occurred recently, the coverage map may not immediately reflect the new coverage. That doesn’t mean the coverage isn’t included. It only means the coverage map has not been recently updated.

I agree that the T-Mobile map is a bit optimistic…we’re shown as having “good” coverage, and have virtually no usable T-Mobile coverage here. Too bad, since I’d love to be able to use RW.

And in my experience anywhere that T-Mobile states is “fair” should say “don’t bother trying”.

T-Mobile coverage maps show I should get good signals at my house and I do. Always 3 or 4 bars. My experience with 3.0 and T-Mobile has been much better than with 2.0 and Sprint. I can now count on having reliable phone service if Internet goes out, something I couldn’t do with Sprint. Yet Sprint maps show coverage about the same as T-Mobile in my area.

I found, as @jben mentioned, opensignal to be very helpful.  []( 

It reflects my experience in signal strength and cell capability for Sprint vs TMo.  
Sprint was awful where now TMo is a bit better.


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