TMobile SIM or Sprint SIM

I know I have seen this before, but I cannot think of the magic words to make it show up in a search.

How can I tell if a phone has a Sprint or TMobile SIM?

My wife was out today (on Emerald Isle, NC) and had absolutely no reception, so I need to look into getting a new SIM if her phone is on TMobile


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Please see if this helps:

(GSM = Tmobile / CDMA = Sprint)


Her x4 doesn’t list that and has “Disconnected” in the Mobile network state.


Where min shows CDMA - 1xRTT, hers shows LTE. I guess that means hers is GSM?

Hi @gap ,

Please first open the Republic app, and tap the settings :gear: at top right, then tap “about.”


Sorry I missed that step.

I just checked the coverage maps, and both show she should have had coverage on the Isle, so dumbfounded as to why she had no text, phone, or data.


How is the coverage described where you checked T-Mobile’s map? (Fair/Good/Excellent)

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Rather than start a new thread, I’ll highjack this one a bit. My question is about voice and data on T-Mobile vs Sprint. We live in Colorado but drive to visit family in Oregon. On I-80 in Wyoming we both lose coverage despite Sprint’s map showing voice and data coverage. The T-Mobile map shows coverage also but can I believe it?

I have the Sprint sim because there were T-Mobile dead spots in Colorado Springs when I tried it a couple of years ago.

So, would it be worth trying a T-Mobile sim again? Would a T-Mobile sim use Sprint towers now? Also, with the merger, does Sprint now roam on T-Mobile (with my cdma/gsm compatible Moto G5+)? If so, for both voice and data or just voice?

According to what I see on Sprint’s map, coverage along I-80 with the exception of metro Cheyenne is roaming. In theory, you should have talk & text but no data coverage. Roaming is, of course, best effort, so theory and reality may well differ, at least, in part.

For the most part, T-Mobile’s map does show native rather than roaming coverage along I-80, however, much of it is characterized as “fair” signal strength. Here’s how T-Mobile describes “fair” “Cell coverage outdoors and occasionally indoors”. Consider a moving vehicle to be “indoors”.

Well, there’s nothing to lose, I suppose. You might you a GSM (T-Mobile network) SIM for one phone while leaving the other on CDMA (Sprint network) to maximize coverage options.

While the merger is complete, for the most part, the networks remain separate. I’ve seen one report in Community from @billg indicating his (I believe) GSM SIM is using what are or were Sprint towers. It’s possible in some areas, T-Mobile has refarmed some Sprint coverage to the T-Mobile network. Generally, to date, where this is done it’s being done for 5G, which your Moto G5 Plus is incapable of using. Depending upon the flavor of 5G deployed, if any, you might have improved coverage on Republic with a 5G phone. For more on that, please see here: Understanding Emerging 5G Technologies.

Sorry for the late response. Both maps show ‘excellent coverage’. I don’t think I’ve ever had coverage issues with Sprint, when in the area, but it has been a while since I felt the need to go to the Island.


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