To buy a new phone or not


I have republic service on a Huawei ascend 5w, my question is… If I buy the Moto e4 plus at Best buy for a better price unlocked then can I take the sim card from the ascend and put it in the Moto e4 plus.?


You can indeed as long as it is the right version of the E4+.




The North American Factory Unlocked version (XT1775).


Ok, thanks a great deal


Ok one more question, sorry. How to find out the version?


How to find out version?


How to find out version of phone?


Hi @josephs.humgw3!

If the add says that it is the US North American unlocked version, then it is probably the right one. Most retailers will not give you the model. Instead, they may give you the SKU. Usually, it will end in something like NARTL. I believe the NA stands for North American.



Ok thanks.

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And just for future reference. This is a customer-to-customer forum. Posting the question over and over because you haven’t gotten an answer won’t get you a faster answer. You just have to wait for an answer when someone is available.


NARTL is Motorola’s acronym for North American retail, which translates to North American factory unlocked for Motorola phones.


I only put in one question and had 2 people respond. My second question was
how to check version of phone. So this Louis person just relax

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