To buy from Republic or Samsung - same price


I’m wanting(needing) to upgrade from a Moto G2, and intend to go to Samsung S9. Same price at Republic as Samsung(for unlocked S9). But, Samsung is offering to include a $100 DEX pad with S9 purchase. I don’t want to appear “cheap” or “miserly”, but this sounds like a good deal to me. Is there a risk, or down-side, to purchasing unlocked phone from Samsung and getting SIM from Republic? Do you have any experience with the DEX pad? I’ve enjoyed Republic for several years now, and don’t intend to leave them…just looking for best value. Thanks for your honest response. Ted


As long as you triple check model numbers to make sure you buy the right phone, there should be no difference in service between buying from Republic and Samsung.


Here is link to find the acceptable models for BYOD Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help
A link for the BYOD/BYOP process (including ordering the necessary SIM)

Heres a review of the mentioned Dex pad for others like me that were curious


I bought my S7 from Samsung and it SIM for it from RW. My choice was driven by the free VR goggles they tossed-in at the time.


Thank you so much to all. I’ll consider the DEX pad. I don’t know that it isn’t just another gadget that I wouldn’t use. I’m so grateful for the responses. This is a great community. Ted


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