To send and receive MMS, we do need to purchase data?

Moto G5+
My choice talk & text plan, no data.

This past Sunday, a Verizon user tried to send a MMS w/ pics. My son, on our Republic account, was out & about & had to go to public wifi in order for text to be received. It was a bit inconvenient at the time. He knew it was coming & needed the info from the pics. Is this normal on this plan? Maybe his settings are wrong as I thought Republic customers could get MMS without a data plan. If it appears to be a settings issue, I can direct him to Troubleshooting Texting Issues – Republic Help

Another question, everyone in our family should be on a separate “account” if they personally want to add data on occasion, correct? Right now we have 3 phones all on one account & one bill.

Thanks for all the help!

Hi @paulat.0p5ea5,

Republic does not require a data plan to exchange MMS (picture and group text messages). As a starting point, I would suggest your son check the settings for his phone referenced here: Confirm Basic Network Settings – Republic Help.

If the issue persists, please ask your son what letters he sees next to the cell signal strength indicator when out and about. For example, does he see LTE, 4G, an R or an X? Please don’t worry about what those mean just yet but knowing which he sees would further help with a diagnosis if needed.

Adding data does indeed require one be the account owner. If you wish each family member to be able to add their own data, you would need to split each phone to a separate account. The process is not trivial and is outlined here: How to Move a Phone and Number to a New or Other Account – Republic Help.


Thanks for the links! We shall try it.


I am going consider this solved. I haven’t heard back from my college boy yet to see if he did the suggestions mentioned by rolandh… Much thanks, again!


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