To those with Amazon Lockscreen Prime Ad phones - Ads are going away


Recent news about Amazon removing the lockscreen ads as of tomorrow. A new update will be out in the next few weeks.

However, to those who were going to buy one of these phones, the price is going up by $20.



The ads never bothered me. I always found the products on the lock screen amusing, in that they were things I would never buy in a million years. In fact, all of Amazon’s recommendations for me are a source of amusement. If, for instance, I buy a pair of shoes, Amazon will spend the next week sending me recommendations for shoes to buy. I mean I already bought shoes, the chances I’ll immediately need another pair is laughable.



Come on, let out your inner Imelda Marcos! :clown_face:



@rolandh, talk about a blast from the past…

At the time Ferdinand didn’t care about 1,000 pairs. Hey, the Steel Butterfly had a career of her own?

Besides, he thought he was a “shoe-in” for being re-elected…

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So, you’ll still have the pre-loaded Amazon apps on these phones. There will also be a Special Offers widget on the home screen. That can be removed, and you can hide the Amazon apps if you don’t use them. The bootloaders are locked down, but that’s not hugely important to most buyers.

So there will still be some bloat with the Prime exclusive phones.




I have a Moto x4 that I bought just before Christmas with the Amazon ads on it. They say it’s been updated, but nothing has changed; I still see the offers. Any other users of this phone have similar experience?



For those devices already out in the world, updates will start rolling out next week that remove the ads.

Did you communicate with Amazon?

Article indicated updates to start rolling out next week. May not be as slow reaching you as Android updates?


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The update to the Amazon app may still be rolling out and may not have gotten to your phone yet. This blog article by Android Police gives updates and points out that a user on the XDA community has shared their updated app so others can try to load it onto their phones manually.



I got a Moto G5+ on Prime Day last year, which I used for a while on RW, but now just use as a spare on a free, unreliable-to-me service. I just turned it on a little while ago to check, and got the Amazon Offers app update from the Play Store…no more lockscreen ads now.


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