Tons of unwanted spam calls with new phone



I just activated my Moto Z which I bought through Republic and ported my old number. I previously had the original Moto X. As soon as my new phone was activated I average around 10-15 spam calls a day, from all over the country. Most are silent when I answer, but some are “hey your warranty is expiring…” or other junk. Never had this problem in the last three years I’ve had the Moto X and same phone number. I’ve read there is a 2nd phone number associated with the phone? Is it possible to change that?

I’ve blocked all the spam numbers, but every day it is different phone numbers. It is very annoying to be in the middle of a conference call and get these spam calls.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


Hi @richardm.6oco2r

I recommend you open a support ticket to get this fixed. You can do that at this link:

Republic Help


Hi @richardm.6oco2r,

This particular issue would be best handled by Republic staff via a help ticket. You may raise that ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.


Ok thanks for the link, I will open a support case.


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