Too many advertisement


Why am I getting advertisement almost every minute? I will be in the middle of doing something Nd the advertisement popsup. It’s very irritating. Can somebody tell me why.


Can you tell me some info so I don’t blindly guess at anything?

What phone?
What plan?
This happens when?
Are you on wifi or cell when it happens?
What are you doing when it happens?
Are you on a browser when it happens?
Can you make a screenshot when it happens then post it here?


RW does not advertise their own or third party products through pop-ups on their phones.
Your popups are likely coming from one of your installed apps, in order to narrow it down
try looking at the most recent apps that you have installed or updated relative to when you
started seeing these ads.


Most of the time it’s a game app that’s the cause of unruly ads popping up.

  1. if you want to keep the app, you can use a firewall app to prevent the app from accessing the internet until you’re ready to play the game. I’ve used the app before, it’s one of the easiest ones to setup. Beware it can interfere with RW apps if not setup properly:
  1. Depending on the phone, turning off notifications for the app will stop the pop up ads.

Generally these setting are found this way:

Depending on the model and make may need to go to App Notifications or Advanced and then tap on the App to set the notifications.

  1. Uninstall the app

  2. Buy the app - many developers will offer a paid version with no adds

  3. Find an app free of ads that does the same thing.