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Is there a way to enlarge the symbols at the top of the Android screen such as battery, signal strength etc.? Now the screen sizes are so large there is plenty of room for larger symbols especially for us older folks. I don’t mean the overall other text size.

Your request for help has not been ignored … unfortunately all I can offer is an 'I hear you loud and clear’, I did spend some time trying a few apps and reading lots of feedback, but to no avail.
Hopefully, someone else will come along and help us older folks out :slight_smile:

Settings > Display > Advanced > Display size allows you make everything bigger. That’s all I got.

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I don’t believe there’s any way to make those bigger without using the magnification options which make everything bigger.

I will leave the testing to you, a couple of reasons:

  1. I don’t know which phone you have
  2. Due to a recent fall on my face in the garage, my double vision has returned and my reading glasses were rendered un-usable

I have a Samsung A32 5G. I replaced a Motorola E4Plus. It just seems that having such a large area there should be a way to use it to enlarge the symbols on the top. Don’t know if they are smaller on this phone or only getting older.

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Would you be interested in trying the magnifying option that @louisdi mentioned above. There is an option to enlarge what you may want to check, temporarily. To test this, open settings then tap on Accessibility, then tap on Magnification, tap on Magnify with button, then turn on service. To use you tap on the little person figure at bottom right, then touch and hold with your finger whatever you want to enlarge on the screen and move your finger around to see different areas enlarged. When you lift your finger off the screen everything goes back to normal. And you can always turn it off.
These instructions are using Motorola phones. If they are different for your phone, let us know, out someone will that knows will correct this.


Thanks I will check


My Samsung A32 5G works as you describe. That should work for me. Thanks


Go to the Google Play store. Type in " Senior Launcher " and look around at them. Find one that suits you the best. I put the " Big Launcher " on my mom’s phone and she loves it. Or just be more daring and type in " Launcher " in the search. I myself use Nova Launcher. Make the phone truly yours, customize it yourself.

Thank you, I will give it a try.

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