Touch sensitivity: Samsung vs Motorola

Observation. Beta member here who always has moto phones (Defy, X1, X2, G5S+) until last year. Upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S9 last year. The galaxy’s hardware is nice but all in all I think I prefer Motorola’s deployment of Android to Samsung’s.

But the biggest difficulty I have had with the galaxy is that the touch sensitivity drives me crazy at times. At least in my case I all to often have to tap twice or sometime more to achieve screen selections that were mindless with the moto series at least since the X1. I have adjusted the sensitivity within Samsung’s touch settings to no avail. The issue isn’t limited to specific areas of the screen.

Has anyone else experienced a marked difference between Moto and Samsung touch sensitivity?

Hello @tamu_bu,

Do you have a screen protector on the Samsung? If so, perhaps that is causing the screen sensitivity problem. If you have a protector on, you might try removing it and see if you get better results. :thinking:

Did you change the touch sensitivity setting under settings -display?

No screen protector.

I have changed the sensitivity and tried it both ways. Pretty similar results.

I half way wonder if my touch has been trained by the long list of moto phones used up until the Samsung and that there is a slight difference in the touch required to trigger their screens.

Didn’t say you did. Just make the sensitivity more or less and see if it makes any difference for you.

Hi @tamu_bu ,

I’ve noticed the same thing, myself, and since you posted, I have been pondering why it hasn’t been bothering me on my S20+. Then I just fired up an S21+ for some testing and it nearly drove me crazy doing exactly what you’re describing. In fact, it would even give visual feedback that the touch had been “sensed” but then do absolutely nothing.

I disabled “accidental touch protection” and, for me at least, the problem appears to be solved. Of course, all the updates the phone was busy processing have also settled down now. But see if that’s enabled on your phone, and if so, whether disabling it helps: Settings > Display > Accidental touch protection.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve switched the setting so we shall see if it helps me out. I’ll try to report back after an extended run with the accidental touch setting off.

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