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I purchased A Motorola E4 Plus in January 2020 and now experienced a lifted touchscreen along the long edges. I noticed when the glass protector lifted because of the touchscreen movement It actually still works but I replaced with a Samsung A32 5G phone. I had a Moto X for many years with no issues and have not heard about this happening. The phone was never dropped during that time.

It sounds to me like you have a swollen battery, which isn’t good. You’ll probably have to have the battery replaced or get a new phone. The e4 Plus came out in June of 2017, and batteries can go bad after a couple years.

I lost 2 phones to that last year, and don’t have the know-how or technical skills to tackle that job, so I got a new phone. I don’t think it would be worth replacing an E series phone battery, personally. It would probably cost close to what you paid for the phone, unless you did it yourself, which is a pretty big job.


Thanks. Never considered the battery. Only paid $80 for the phone. I had a CDMA Moto x. CDMA will soon be gone. Replaced with Samsung A 32 5G

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I purchased a Moto X4 in March of 2019 and in June of 2020 (15 months) the battery swelled to the point of lifting up the display. Swollen batteries can be a result of environmental issues, but poor battery quality is a major cause and was the problem that hit my X4. Since the phone was outside its 12 month warranty, I could not get it repaired/replaced by Motorola, but they did offer me a discount on a Moto G Stylus (2020). So far (16 months) the phone has no issues and no swollen battery (cross fingers).

Mine also was out of warranty. Sounds obvious but I never had such a battery issue in any phone. I had a few with batteries that could be changed by the owner. Looks like most do not have batteries that can be changed by the owner.

Today 10/28 I found a video showing battery replacement. Removed old one and waiting to receive $17 new battery. Mot difficult but 18 very tiny screws to deal with.

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Hi @mechanics200,

The Moto E4 Plus does look like one of the easier replacement of a “non-user” replaceable batteries I’ve seen. Please let us know how it goes. In particular, I’m interested in whether the screen would still need to be glued back in place.

Out of curiosity, where did you source the battery?

On Amazon for $15.90 from seller WUHAO. One needs to watch the 18 very tiny screws. Also the old battery was securely taped in. Battery date was 12/18. Had a Moto x for a lot longer without this issue. I think it was poor quality.

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