Touchscreen Unresponsive and Slow to Open Items

Moto E4Plus Purchased 9/17. 1GB Data Plan
Phone has been working fine. Lately pressing to open something on screen is very slow to respond. (Example to open text need to hold on icon for several seconds to open text.)
Swipe thingy under screen is also very fickle as well.
Have restarted several times.
Any ideas? Sensitivity adjustments?
Thank You.

Hi @johnk.uyny20,

Thanks for letting us know you have rebooted several times, that’s always a good troubleshooting step.
Have you tried clearing the cache?

Is the phone outfitted with a screen protector?

Have you tried operating the phone in safe mode? If the condition clears up in safe mode, an app conflict may be the cause.

Routinely clear cache. No screen protector.
Have not tried safe mode. I will see if I can figure that out.
Thank you

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