Tough case for Moto G5

Does Otterbox make a tough case that fits the Moto G5? I work in construction and need something that will take a beating. I have not found any specific mention of the G5 model on their website. Do their cases that fit the old Moto G series fit the G5 or is it too new/different size? Perhaps another vendor?

The size differs and I would guess the placement of the various holes will differ. You can do a size compare at Visual Phone Size Comparison but the recommendation would be to find one on the web (or local store) that is made for the specific model of phone

Hi @lawrencel.09gqn2

It does not look like Otterbox has a case for the G5 Plus, yet.

I have had great success with this type of case…(have it on all my Moto phones). Moto G5 P

lus Case, Motorola Moto X 2017 Case, OEAGO [Shockproof] [Impact Protection] Tough Rugged Dual Layer…

(only 7 reviews at this time with a 3-star average but I think that is skewed. I find the fit and quality to be very good).

It does add some bulk to the phone, which is fine for me. I didn’t think I would use the kickstand but actually find it to be a nice feature.

The case along with a glass Sparin screen protector combination offers pretty good protection for the price.


edit: I should note that while I have purchased many of these cases(appoximately 5), they always seem to have different brand names, although the cases are always the exact same style. My MXP case is branded as Ykooe.

don’t see an otterbox but here are some case that should do the job…

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