Tower Interrogation Request

Based off some similar discussions on this topic of loss of cell coverage, I wonder if RW can check on zip codes 80537 & 80538. I used to rely on my company’s WIFI until it recently changed it wireless permissions to not allow VOIP signals. Anyhow that’s a different problem. However, I have been very reliant on cell coverage since then and people have complained that they were unable to reach me for the past several days. On arriving home tonight (80537), out of curiosity I turned off my wifi signal and still found the following message on my phone: “You do not have access to cellular neworks…”.

What phone do you have.

Look in the Republic app, under the gear icon About, What is the SIM type, GSM or CDMA?

Hi @darink,

I’m not seeing any reports of tower outages in your area. Have you tried turning off the phone, removing the SIM card, replacing the SIM card making sure it is well-seated, and then rebooting the phone?

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That suggestion worked! Tell your boss I’m requesting you for a raise. :grinning:


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