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I have three phones on my account, two Moto X’s and one Moto 4g 16mg. I would like to purchase a Moto 4g 32 mg and give it the phone number of the 16 mg and put its number on one of the x’s. Is that possible and how should I go about it?


create a support ticket to swap the Moto X number you want on the G4 16 GB before you activate the new Moto G4 32 GB

once that has happen just activate the Moto G4 32 GB as a line replacement for the Moto X which has the old number from the Moto G4 16 GB Activate My Phone


I just reread my question and realized I was not clear. What I want to do is still have three phones on the account Moto X, Moto G4 16mg and Moto G4 32 mg. I just want to trade numbers so the Moto 4g 16 user will have the number that is taken off the deactived x and the user of the 32 mg will have the number from the 16mg.


Moto X (A) will keep it’s number

Moto X (B) to be deactivated

Moto G4 16 GB to get the number currently on the Moto X(B)

Moto G4 32 GB to get the number on the Moto G4 16 GB

by having Republic swap the Moto X (B) and the Moto G4 16 GB before activating the Moto G4 32 GB you will have the first step

then when activating the the Moto G4 32 GB as a replacement for the Moto X(B) with the number you want on the Moto G4 32 GBActivate My Phone

the other option is to activate the Moto G4 32 GB as a new line and let Republic transfer the lines with then deactivating the Moto X (B) after all is as you want


There is one other easier method to implement this…but you might need verification from RW Help to proceed…or have a clear idea of exactly what you are doing.

If both your existing and new G4 phones will be on GSM coverage,

you can take the SIM card from your 16GB G4 and place it in the new 32GB Moto G4…you will have to go through a short activation sequence but it will basically carry the existing number over to the new G4.

Then you can place the new SIM card that came with the new G4 in the old G4 (16GB) and activate it - during activation

choose the option to “Move your number” from the Moto X to the Moto G4.

*** Please note this method will not work if either of your G4s are on CDMA coverage…as CDMA SIM cards cannot be moved from one phone to another.


Verification of GSM vs. CDMA provisioning on a Moto series 3.0 phone doesn’t require assistance from Republic help. Generally, CDMA provisioned phones ship from Republic with a sticker on the box stating that.

If access to the box is an issue, dialing ##786## as if making a call will provide the answer. If nothing happens, the phone is provisioned for GSM. If CDMA, one will be presented with a “SprintDM” menu.

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