Tranferring from Moto g3 to Moto g5Plus - Sim Card question


I have used Republic Wireless for just a little more than 3 years. I love Republic for the low price of monthly charges and my phones have worked relatively well.

My last phone is/was a Moto g3 which worked well until recently. It died last night.

I have just bought a Motog5Plus from a local retailer. My questions are:

Do I need to get to get a new SIM card from RW?

If so, is the g3 card transferrable?

Thanks ahead of time.



Hi @allene.056kpr!

You will have to buy a new SIM card. Please see this link for reference. You can buy one from Amazon or Republic. The SIM from Republic is currently free. The SIM in the G3 is used for cellular access (see this link). It doesn’t store contacts or anything else. I am not sure exactly what you mean by “transferable”. If you mean to a different phone then the answer is no. If you mean selling it with the phone, then you can absolutely do that. I hope that helps!



Thank you mb2x,

Now, I’m wondering if I should turn my new phone on yet or wait until the sim card comes. I just ordered the SIM card.

My other one is not usable.

Thanks again.


If I don’t yet have the SIM card, could the phone be activated and set up through Wi-Fi only?


Nope. You need the SIM card to get things going.


Ok, I’ll just have to wait. Patience is a virtue. I have already ordered the SIM card. Order confirmed. A fast from cell phone addiction may be what the doctor ordered.

Thanks Louis


Sorry about not replying! I was on break when I answered before, but I had to go back on the clock (so I couldn’t check my phone).


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