Tranferring phone calls history

I have a Moto G first generation. I just got a Samsung A21.

So both are Android.
The Moto G, doesn’t have a sim card (not sure if that matters)

Under the PHONE, in “recents” / History, it shows in/out calls and voice mails.
Most of course are/have been deleted, but I keep a few for reference etc.

In any case , I’m wondering what I can do to transfer my history to the new phone.
Still using the old, new one not activated yet.

Hi @davids.79kiir and welcome back to the Member Community. We found this Tips & Tricks article to be very helpful when we upgraded from our Moto G1s.

The section for SMS Backup & Restore was especially welcome. Hope this helps!


I did go to the link above and used the SMS app mentioned…
Worked, and looked in the backup log provided with the APP.

Seems like all the phone log was there accept calls that had voicemail ??
would those be logged somewhere else ?

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